These impressions appear fairly often

Anders Naløy

The Norwegian merchant fleet was Norway's most important contribution to the allied victory in WW2. They transported necessities such as soldiers, fuel, guns and food. But it was a costly project, 4132 Norwegian sailors lost their lives on the sea during WW2.

When the sailors returned after the war, they met a society who did not understand what they had been through, and in little degree acknowledged their war efforts. And when the traumas a few years later appeared for many of them, the social-care system where lacking the necessary knowledge to help them.

These photographs are an excerpt from an exhibition also containing quotes and sound-recordings. This exhibition presents 25 war sailors and their spouses, who represent the human costs, the individual and the diversity in the war sailors' history.

The exhibition was initiated and financed by "Stiftelsen Arkivet".

These portraits where taken in November 2012, the day Hestmanden was baptised; a ship that served in the merchant fleet both world wars. The ship now serves as a floating memorial for the warsailors and their effort. 240 warsailors were gathered for the baptism, and so was His Majesty the King, who shook hands with all the sailors.

Olav Aune


Rolf Kolling


Sigvald Vikran


Georg Hovland


Sverre Hietanen


Søren Bransnes


Svenn Vorland


Sigvald Hagerup Hansen


Gunnar Bang


Haral Mundal


Kåre Aarseth


Reidar K. Bakrød


Roald Jacobsen